Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses.  Many people can benefit from the freedom contact lenses provide. Whether you require them for playing sports, full time use or social use only, contact lenses can make everyday life easier.  And remember age is no barrier to wearing contact lenses – our oldest contact lens wearing patient is in her 80’s while our youngest is aged 10.

Contact lenses are medical devices and must be professionally fitted with the wearer being educated about their correct usage.

Depending on your requirements and your age there will be a contact lens to suit you – from daily disposable, monthly disposable, single vision or multifocal.

We understand you may be slightly apprehensive at the prospect of trying them. However, we will ensure that you are fully confident and comfortable handling your contact lenses before taking them home to trial.

Once we have established your spectacle prescription, we then assess your eyes. We check the shape, size and curvature of your eye as well as the moisture level of your eyes to determine the most suitable lenses for you.

If you have recently been fitted with contact lenses in our practice and would like to recap on the insertion and removal process, please click view the video below to watch the demonstration.