Frames & Lenses


Sarah Young Opticians carry a wide selection of frames to suit all occasions from value frames to designer fashion frames and for all age groups.
The points to consider when choosing a frame are:
Prescription strength- generally speaking the stronger your prescription the smaller your frame should be.

Prescription type- whether your lenses are single vision or varifocal/bifocal.

Prescription use- what are your spectacles used for- driving only,
reading only or full time use.

Facial shape will have some impact on your choice of frame.
If you suffer with a nickel allergy opt for a nickel free frame or plastic frame.


Spectacle Lenses

Just as important as choice of frame is choice of spectacle lens. There is now available a large choice of lenses and coatings. Listed below is a brief overview of your choices. At Sarah Young Opticians we are happy to recommend the best option for you and your prescription.

Anti-Reflection Coating: This coating allows the majority of light to pass through the lens instead of being lost by reflection. The end result is that you see better, clearer and sharper than before. It also results in your lens being almost ‘invisible’ in your frame.

Anti-scratch Coating: This coating provides an extra layer of protection for your lenses from everyday scratches. They are not however scratchproof but will prolong the life of your lens.

Hi-Index Lenses: These are the lens of choice when you have a high prescription. The lenses are thinned down to produce a lighter, flatter and more cosmetically appealing lens.

Varifocal Lenses: When a person requires both distance and reading spectacles varifocal lenses eliminate the need for 2 pairs of spectacles.

Polarized Lenses: This is a sunglass lens which eliminates glare and allows light to pass through the lens in only one direction. It also provides 100% UV protection. It is ideal for all water sports, golfing and driving.

Transition Lenses: These are lenses which change in colour from clear indoors to dark outdoors. They help preserve eye health as they block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.